About AffiliateCoin

AffiliateCoinis a decentralised Affiliate Marketing network that uses Smart Contracts to create secure, indisputable transactions on the Blockchain.

Despite Affiliate Marketing having been around for over 25 years it has some fundamental flaws, including mistrust, delayed payments and limited Pay Per Action capability.

By removing the middleman we are creating an environment in which trust is no longer relied upon. Merchants will rest in the knowledge that they only pay for the completion of clearly defined end user tasks, and Publishers will rest knowing their efforts never go unrewarded.

With all transactions stored on the public ledger of the Blockchain, justice in Affiliate Marketing will become an indisputable matter of public record.

Affiliate Coin - How does it work?

AffiliateCoin Explained

The fees in traditional centralised AMPs can be as high as 52% when all the fees are added together. This puts pressure on Merchants' already stretched marketing budgets. As a result this creates smaller discounts and sales on products and services. This also means smaller commission payments for publishers. We can reduce these extra payments by 50% saving Merchant's billions each year and creating better promotions for the Publisher and the end user.

Centralised Platform Vs AffiliateCoin

48% Efficiency

98% Efficiency

Conventional Affiliate Network

  • Fraud – Bots, spam programs and dubious Publishers trying to defraud Merchants by click spamming and other techniques.
  • Trust – A Publisher must trust that after directing a user to a Merchant's website that a successful sale (or similar action) will result in them receiving a payment. The industry is ripe with Merchant / Publisher mistrust with over 22% of actions being registered as fake.
  • Sign-up fees – for both Merchants and Publishers. These can run into tens of thousands of dollars and often also involve a recurring monthly subscription. This high barrier to entry has pushed many small and medium businesses away from Affiliate Marketing.
  • Late/disputed payments – Most affiliate networks have issues with Merchants not paying or disputing sales. This has a negative effect on the Merchant/Publisher relationship.
  • Broken offers and Voucher Codes – It is estimated that up to 80% of Voucher Codes found on the internet do not work. This is a frustrating and time consuming issue for users.
  • Unique codes – Unique codes given to Publishers are often harvested by other Publishers and reused to claim commission.
  • Poor matches – Publishers select Merchants that may not be a good fit for the Merchant or the Publisher. This results in Publishers marketing brands that not suitable for their platforms.


  • Eliminate fraud – Using Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts we can drastically reduce this, if not effectively eliminate it completely.
  • Increase Trust – This problem is absolved by the use of Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts. A successful task completion triggers execution of the Smart Contract and releases funds to the Publisher without the need for a middle man.
  • No sign-up fees – AffiliateCoin will have no signup fees and no monthly subscription fee. This will lower the barrier to entry and allow many more Merchants and Publishers to utilise Affiliate Marketing.
  • Transparent Payments – The use of Smart Contracts will eliminate this problem because payments will be automated and every transaction stored indisputably on the public ledger of the Blockchain.
  • Better customer experience – Using Smart Contracts we can ensure that the discount codes are active, and only grant commission to the authorised users as defined in the Blockchain.
  • Verified codes – Unique discount codes given to Publishers are stored on the Blockchain and verified as part of the Smart Contract. This means the reward can only be issued to the intended Publisher.
  • Smart matches – Using machine learning we are able to generate fantastic recommendations for both Publishers and Merchants. This will create better relationships and drive higher ROI.

AffiliateCoin gives Publishers the opportunity to receive a higher revenue percentage than has been traditionally possible using standard centralised Affiliate Marketing networks. We have removed the high barriers to entry that prevented small businesses from using Affiliate Marketing and by using Smart Contracts we can create bespoke Pay Per Action models. This will allow businesses to target specific events, not just the traditional Pay Per Click or Pay Per Sale actions.

This approach in combination with machine learning, Decentralised Databases and and the full marketing dashboard makes us the most advanced and future proof Affiliate Marketing Platform in the world. This is Affiliate Marketing 3.0.

Simple & Secure

We have designed the entire system to be simple to use, yet as secure as possible using the latest technology and security practices. We are working with leading security experts to ensure the data we store and process is as secure as possible. We are currently preparing for full ISO 27001 Certification and are are a member of the CVA Policy Framework which includes a Full Code of Conduct (CoC) and compliance requirements. This ensures that we are operating to the highest standards and that the registration process for new members is both simple and secure.

AffiliateCoin user registration


Below are the highlights of our 18 month Roadmap.
This is split into the AffiliateCoin Blockchain implementation, and the Marketing Platform.

  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    October 2017

    AffiliateCoin Conceptualised

    Phase: Conception
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    January 2018

    Whitepaper Released

    Phase: Conception
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    February 2018

    Wallet Setup and Mining Initiated

    Phase: 1
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    March 2018

    Smart contract, prototype

    Phase: 1
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    June 2018

    Integration in Affiliate Network

    Phase: 1
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    October 2018

    Payment system feature complete. QA & Testing phase

    Phase: 1 QA
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    December 2018

    Beta Release and Phase 2 Development Begins

    Phase: 2 - User Feedback & Testing
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    June 2019

    Launch of Affiliate Network

    Phase: Launch
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    October 2017


    Phase: Conception
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    January 2018

    Affiliate Network Spec and Timings complete

    Phase: Conception
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    February 2018

    Conceptual Prototype working

    Phase: Phase 1
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    April 2018

    Main Development Phase

    Phase: Phase 1
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    October 2018

    Feature Completion, QA & Testing in preparation for Beta

    Phase: Phase 1 QA
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    December 2018

    Beta Release and Phase 2 Development Begins

    Phase: 2 - User Feedback & Testing
  • AffiliateCoin Roadmap Icon

    June 2019

    Launch of Affiliate Network

    Phase: Launch

The Founders

Our core team is formed of seasoned developers with proven abilities in the web and software space. We have spent years working on high profile, high traffic websites for commercial, military and government projects.

Mike Dodd

C.E.O, Co-founder&
Chief Visionary

Riccardo Ravaro

Chief Crypto Architect, Co-founder & Blockchain Evangelist

Tom Cant

C.T.O, Co-founder &
DevOps Evangelist

Adrian Vide

Creative Director, Co-founder & Marketing Strategist

Industry Advisors & Partners

A project like this would not be possible without the support, assistance & Guidance of many individuals who are experts in their fields. We are working closely with the following individuals to help make AffiliateCoin a success.

Adam Babajee-Pycroft

User Experience Consultant

Nic Rodgers

Senior Technical Consultant & LAMP Specialist

Lee Kelly

UK Affiliate Marketing Business Leader

Callum Hiscott

Blockchain evangelist

Tammy Harries

North American Digital Retail Advisor

Breixo Mariño

European Affiliate Platform Expert

Robert Gething

Platform Consultant & Early Blockchain Adopter

Neil Bobbett

Global Tax & Accountancy Advisor

Garth Davis

Print and Direct Marketing Advisor

White Paper

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Roadshow Calendar


The most important and pressing issues of soaring cryptoindustry will be discussed in WBC Summit. The summit will organize leadership figures of cryptocurrency and blockchain and also will become the first step of international digital future creation.

Jan 21, 2018

The Blockchain Superconference

With over 800 expected attendees, 35 top-notch speakers and 50+ exhibitors from the bitcoin, ethereum and alt coin worlds, this conference is going to be a diverse, wonderful, and potentially profitable experience for all who attend it in Dallas, Texas.

Feb 16, 2018

TechNOVA: Blockchain Summit

Blockchain Summit 2018 will look across sectors at the latest innovations in distributed ledger technology. This Blockchain conference will bring in case studies from banking, insurance, energy, music, healthcare, trade finance and more.

March 22, 2018

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Token Sale

Token Type
Total Supply
1 Billion Tokens
Max Cap
20 Million USD
Max Token Sale
Payment Method
Minimum Investment
Unsold tokens are burned

Every time a user successfully completes a Smart Contract (such as sale being made) the Publisher is rewarded with a pre-set quantity of AffiliateCoin. They can also be used to pay for services with the dashboard such as email broadcasts, translations, digital assets, telesales etc. Please See our White paperfor a break down of each of these services.

How To Participate

Follow the steps below to participate in the AffiliateCoin ICO. See our Participation Guide for more information. If you have any questions or problems please get in touch on[email protected] or join ourTelegram channel.

  1. Read the FAQ.
  2. Register an account.
  3. Verify your email address.
  4. Provide us with the address of the ETH wallet you will deposit from.
  5. Send your contribution to the AffiliateCoin wallet. The address will be available inyour account after registration.
  6. Success! Check your account for updates to your AFLC balance.

If you wish to contribute with Bitcoin (or other Altcoins) then see our Bitcoin and Altcoin guide.

Mitigating Risk

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be fraught with risk but we are looking to mitigate this with our investors by being as open and transparent as possible. As a company we are we are committed to the CVA Policy Framework which includes a set of Core Values, a General Code of Conduct (CoC) and a CoC for the creation of Decentralized Ecosystems (DECoC).

As a member of CVA we acknowledge having read and understood the Core Values, the General CoC and the DECoC, and that we will conduct our business consistent with the values and principles outlined therein.


Social Responsibility

A company is about more than just the bottom line and we believe that businesses should balance profit-making with activities that benefit society as a whole. We have therefore adopted a charitable business model and a pledge to be Carbon Neutral before the end of 2018. This is ingrained in the core of our business and we are determined to make a difference around the globe.

Our goal is to have a 3% share of the global affiliate networking market by 2025 but as we grow and our platform matures we want to help others along the way.

25% of each transaction is donated to charity

Each Merchant and Publisher has the option to select a charity that they wish to work with. Once selected a partnership will be formed on the Blockchain and a Smart Contract created. Every time a user completes an action and the Publisher is rewarded (such as a sale being made) AffiliateCoin will take 2% of the transaction fee as commission. 12.5% of that value is then given to the Merchant's chosen charity and 12.5% is given to the Publisher's chosen charity, totaling 25% (0.5% of the entire transaction fee).

Affiliate Coin - How does it work?